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Hey Jammers! Sorry for my lack of posts lately, I have been having strange internet issues. Anyways, let's get on with the post!

As usual, we are first checking out the Jamaa Journal!

As you can see, pet foxes are back! These pets are returning, but they are lovable and fun to have! Did you know some people actually have pet foxes in real life? Crazy huh?

On the second page, the Jamaa Journal is talking about the new adventure, Jamaaliday Rescue! I don't see how making it out of a maze saves the Jamaalidays but, whatever floats your boat. 

Speaking of Jamaaliday Gifts, here is the one for today!

It reminds me of a special reindeer's nose! Awesome job AJHQ!

Wait, didn't Animal Jam say the same last year in 2014..? How well do you like this year of Animal Jam compared to last year? 

Now for the load of items!

Treetop Gardens:

 Jam-Mart Clothing and Jam-Mart Furniture:

Well, that's all for today Jammers! I think Arcticstar is posting tomorrow? 

Jamaaliday Mat, Giant Candy Cane and Reindeer Slippers

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post!

The first item today is the Jamaaliday Mat, from the Jamaaliday Gifts!

Another returning item! That's alright though. I can't wait for that red bow to return. I like to decorate my tree with it. 

We also have a non-member Giant Candy Cane!

Buy this at Jam-Mart Furniture! And is that green frosting or actual grass? With the festive Ice Castle and the Gingerbread House dens, there is no grass. So, it may look a bit odd with ice. 

Last but not least, we have Reindeer Slippers in Jam-Mart Clothing!

These are really adorable, But, I don't think I will be able to buy them anytime soon. 

Well, that's all today Jammers! 

Comment Call
Do you want rares to come back? If so, which ones?

The Gift Express and Rare Top Coat

Hello Jammers! I am back from my small vacation, I guess you could call it. Thanks so much Ronen, for posting for me! Anyways, let's get on with the post.

The Gift Express is back! I actually like this item, considering that it has returned from last year. It fits well with the Jamaalidays! 

Now, for the Rare Item Monday! It is great for cold weather, and well... that's about it. I am not for sure about the color choices however.

Sometimes, I think that Animal Jam forgets that there are other colors you can use during the Jamaalidays. The item itself looks good on most animals, but it would be hard to find a good color choice. :P I am not for sure about this one. Plus, instead of coloring a new item and calling it rare, why do we not get new items? 

How are you enjoying the new adventure prizes? I like them a lot! I do get a lot of duplicates however..

Feel free to check out my den anytime! 

The Daily Explorer also posted about the new item! 

Well, Animal Jam HQ made it work. Impressive, XD
Hopefully the poor Polar Bear doesn't fall. :(

Well, that's all for today! Here is a quick Comment Call:
Comment Call:
Do you think that Animal Jam should have weather, for example, rain, or snow animations etc. A lot of Jammers have been talking about it! However, it would cause A LOT of lag. 

See you in Jamaa!

Candy Cane Cloaks and CrocoDiamond Challenge

Good day, Communiteers!

I'm here to fill in for missing authors and whatnot, don't worry.

Today's Jamaaliday gift is one that many Jammers would rather wear on their feet than on their paws, candy cane socks!
But once the season's over I'm sure they'd make great sock puppets. Here's another trick to getting a different colored gift everyday. You can just exit the advent calendar. And instead of refreshing your page and logging in again, you can just go to a new room, like Coral Canyons, or a shop, or even your den, and end up with the same gift in a different color.

AJHQ has released quite the items lately, In the Diamond Shop we have the mysterious cloak. I wonder what Greely would think of it,
He probably would never wear it. He's such a talented sorcerer (magician?) that he simply blends in with the darkness and shadows. Plus he can poof himself to anywhere in Jamaa.

Then in Jam Mart Furniture we have paw candy and reindeer poop.
Yea, please don't mix the two together.

And finally in Jam Mart Clothing, necklaces...for all Jammers! You can get one in either jingle bells or pine cone.
At first I thought the pine cone necklace was a wristband and the jingle bell necklace was a spiked collar. Good thing for labels.

The Animal Jam homepage had a makeover! Now it's Jamaaliday themed.
I think it's nice that AJHQ includes the lesser known animals and Alphas into things like these. Even the Daily Explorer button was revised.
Speaking of, Cosmo's hosting a diamond challenge.
Just go to Brady's Lab, watch one of his videos, and comment on Cosmo's post one fact you learned. All entries are due at the end of today. He's well known for his work with crocodiles.

Have fun, be safe, and game on!
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