Internet Problems

Greetings Jammers! I am afraid that I am having terrible internet connection problems. Animal Jam refuses to load, and I had to try many times just to connect to Blogger. I cannot open any new tabs or reload or anything, it simply will not work!

So, unfortunately, I will not be able to present you with a proper post. My apologies! This reans I cannot also means that I cannot research anything for the factual part of this post, either.

Why, then, is Blogger somehow working? It is very slow, and it is not working properly. My screen keeps freezing, and if I do not work quickly, it will most likely freeze on me again.

So that means I can only present you with the fact of the day. But I will go into great detail this time.

What would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning? 

Well, the Earth would most certainly heat up considerably, and day/night cycles would be out of whack. There would be extremely strong winds, stronger than that of any that could be humanly possible to experience on a properly spinning Earth. It seems that there would be no hope for our planet, right? Don't worry! This will not happen. However, if it did, all hope would not be lost!

Ever our faithful companion, the moon is responsible for the tides on Earth. That means that the moon is capable of more than just floating beside the Earth! In fact, if the world DID stop spinning, the faithful moon would use its gravity to pull the Earth back into its rotating cycle again!

Quite fascinating!

With that, I am afraid that I must end this sad excuse for a post. I am very sorry!

- Arctic

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Jamaa Journal VOL. 137

Sorry for my recent late posts! I sometimes do this, however, if I am running late, or I want to make a better post! Anyways, let's start with this tiny update!

There is now a new adventure called Special Delivery! But wait, didn't we have an update last Thursday? What's going on? I wish they would of made a segment about this, instead of making a new Jamaa Journal! However, the adventure itself, seems pretty neat! But before we check out the adventure, let's see the new item!

The Heart Ring, located in Epic Wonders! I do say, this is a really nice item and all, but, don't you think we have enough rings in Animal Jam? I would give this item a 2/5.
Now that we have that covered, let's travel back to that new adventure!

For easy access to the adventure, click My Parties, and click on Special Delivery!

You first start out on the adventure, talking to a kind owl named Rose! She explains that you need to deliver some valentine letters!

You need to deliver, at first, 30 letters to different dens located on the map! It sounds pretty fun, so let's get started!

These little huts are adorable! I wonder if Animal Jam will make a tree-trunk den soon! Who knows? 

Don't forget, to also check out the Friendship Festival Party!

I am glad that they finally changed some of the items sold here. I was hoping for the Rose Garland to come back! 

Last but not least, we have a GIF and the winner of the True or False Question! 

The winner is....

Poorbunny103! Congrats, the prize will be sent soon! And if you're non-member, then negotiate a time you can get on in the comments. :)

The GIF of the day is..

I personally think Jellyfishes are amazing, they are delicate, but powerful!  

And the true or false question today is...

In the weightlessness of space, if a frozen pea touches Pepsi, it will blow up.

True or false?

Well that's all for today Jammers! I will see you on Saturday!

Heart Glasses!

Greetings, Jammers! How are you?

Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a returning item: The Heart Glasses! These clothing items are sold in Jam Mart Clothing for only 150 gems! Be sure to get a pair of these glasses if you like them- I know that a certain fox does!

Remember me?
Next, I have another curious question. What makes you happy? What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? Answer these three questions in the comments, and I might just have something special for you in a future post... So get commenting!

And now it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our wondrous word of the day:

Jabberwocky: Meaningless nonsensical speech; jibber-jabber.

So balderdash can be created using jabberwocky!
Did you know that there is actually a poem called the Jabberwocky? We had to study it at school.

A duck's quack never echoes anywhere. Ever. Never. Never ever. And no one knows why.

That is a terrifying thought... Maybe that is why some people develop anatidaephobia!

Good Smarts!

Suspicious ducks lurking around? Contact me at

Heart Eye Patch and Heart Necklace

Hello Jammers! Mldriver posting for you today!

The two new items are quite nice, considering they are underwater items!

They have a nice low price, so that's a plus too! Purchase them for your animal in Bahari Bargains! 

We also have 3 new Jam a Gram cards to send to your buddies!

They look a bit rushed, but still, fairly nice! I also have a question, how many Jam a Grams do you have? I have 61, but it's difficult to delete them and catch up. 

Moving on, I will be adding two segments, A true or false question, and I will show you a cool GIF everyday I post! I thought it would be really neat to show you guys some cool nature gifs, so here you are!

(If this doesn't work, check out the link! Make sure to ask your parents first!)

I find this really nice to look at;it's very peaceful. 

And the true or false question is....
Valentine's Day is banned in Saudi Arabia

True or False?

The person with the correct answer, and for extra points, an explanation, they will win a Monday Rare! 

That's all for today Jammers, See you in Jamaa!

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