Cosmo Portrait and Sundaes!

Hello again! Sorry about the late post! As you know, the otter update was yesterday, I hope you are enjoying what the update brought- for more information about the update, check out Mldriver's post from yesterday!

Today's new item is the Cosmo Portrait sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems

Shudder... Could AJ not have made it more painting like instead of a picture? I feel like he's watching my every move...

In the title, I said sundaes- well now I will explain! I've decided that Sundays should be special ):D Okay, okay, it's not like that XD Basically, I am going to call Sundays on this blog Jammer Sundaes (yes sundaes as in ice cream sundae)! We all need a little sweetness in our lives (much like a sundae), so on my Sunday posts I am going to talk about whatever new updates AJ has, and then, make the last part of the post positive and happy! On Jammers Sundaes, I will be posting things like: funny things to make you laugh, tips on how to have a great time on AJ, cute animals (maybe), and more! And you can contribute! If you have anything fun to share: send it to me at and title the email: Jammer Sundae!  I will be sure to check it out, and post it on Sunday the following week! But remember: we want everyone to have a good time! If it is insulting someone, uses bad language, or displays crude images- it will most certainly NOT be posted! I can hardly wait!

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, feel free to contact me at

Jamaa Journal VOL.125 Otters Are Here!

Hey Jammers! Mldriver here posting the Otter update today! So, let's get started.

The first page of the Jamaa Journal:

Yay! You can now ge- Wait! In the DIAMOND SHOP?! Are you kidding me? And when I go to the diamond shop...

Let's just say this. Animal Jam lost more fans, than gain some. But, Otters are extremely CUTE!

This is their actions:



(they clap their hands to together and duck their head)



(they juggle fish and then eat them)

Okay, moving onto the next page...

Yes! They have a new book in Chamber of Knowledge! For some reason I really enjoy reading those. And then there is a new Otter Exhibit in the Conservation Museum. 

The beloved Sol Arcade is having a SALE! Everything is 50% for the next two weeks. Man, I should of waited to make an arcade...
Now the adventure Turning the Tide has a hard mode now. And it says you can win an EXCLUSIVE and RARE set of LIONFISH ARMOR! Sweet!

And next we have an Alpha Spotlight~ Taive

She is very unique. And she also has such a cute pet named Rio. Is that the first Alpha to have a pet? Moving on for the last page is just advertisement.

Have any of you Jammers purchased the Play Wild Fund Bands? They cool pretty cool. That's it for the Jamaa Journal, but I'm not finished yet!

There is also a new badge for the otters:

Cute! And last but not least, a new item!

You can get this at Jam Mart Furniture. I don't know about you, but this kinda freaks me out.

And now the actions for the Otter underwater!
(they do something weird with their necks, I can't describe it)





Also, did you guys see the new trade system?

Man, this will take long to get used too. 

Okay, I'm pretty sure I got everything. If I missed anything, comment below and I will add it.

How do you guys like the update?
Yah or Nah?

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Leaf Fan, Strange Glitches, and Neon Bows+arrows!

Hello again! I love posting *^^* It keeps me busy, and I enjoy doing it! Anywho!

Today we have a leaf fan sold in Treetop Gardens for 400 gems!

I really love this item! It is very cute, and very nature inspired! When you click it, the leaves even spin! How cute! XD Moving on!

Jammers25127 sent it a very odd glitch just the other day!
Thankyou Jammers25127 for sending this in!
Oh my, I have never seen this before- though it is definitely not unheard of! How peculiar, a tree house mixed with a burrow? Not only that, her buddies den mixed with hers? Wow O.o Uh oh, I feel a bit of unnecessary humour coming on...

"When I grew up, mama told me I could be anything! I couldn't decide, so I chose to become a tree house mixed with an burrow!" ~ The Den  

Ignore that! First rule about Arcticstar: NEVER LET HER CRACK JOKES (they usually suck if you haven't noticed >.<)

Shiver... Never... Again...

Fieryne-Skyz requested that I talk about neon bows- and talk I shall! I'm sure many of you have seen these cool items around Jamaa! Lots of people seem to want them- as they are not in stores, and as far as I can tell- have not been released previously. I have heard people saying that there is a special code for them, that there is a gift card, or that they called AJHQ for one (that seems unlikely). It is probably from the Forgotten Desert. I know that the "eagle mission" (as it is often called) has been known to present Jammers with unreleased items- I got my lily rug a few days before it even came into stores. Back to the point, though it is very cool and "rare" I wouldn't trade all kinds of extreme rares (since when were rares extreme?) for it. For those people that have it- good on you! Enjoy it! And make sure not to get it scammed away from you. For those who want one- keep trading! I'm sure you will get one- if trading isn't your thing- maybe you can get it from the Forgotten Desert! Best of luck to those seeking it! (I feel over enthusiastic for some reason =.=) See, I've always had problems controlling myself when it comes to exclamation points... Okay! Keeping on topic!

Lastly, the Daily Explorer has made a new post about the otter video: Otterly Fun! Check out the post here! Could this be hinting at the otters coming soon? When could they be coming? Tell me in the comments what YOU think!

Goodbye Jammers!

Adventure awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me, whether it's codes, glitches, or questions, you can contact me at

Branch Antlers and Giveaway Results!

Hello Jammers! I'm Mldriver posting for you today.

In Epic Wonders, we have an awesome item!

I love this item so much! I bought a pair of my own, and it looked pretty good on my Artic Wolf. You can have a lot of different outfit ideas with this one. 

And the winners to the (little) giveaway are....

They won the Blue Worn. And the next winner was..

This Jammer won the Rare Pumpkin Hat!
Congrats! :)
Make sure to check Animal Jam Community everyday, for chances to win prizes like this. Here is a video I made about sending the gifts to them:

Sorry, I couldn't put it up on the blog. It was taking way to long to download.

Also, have you ever heard of this Glitch?

I've had it before and it's kinda confusing. Mine took place when I had bought a lot of items, or just went to buy something at the store. 

And the DE Posted about the Rare Flip Flops!

I liked the colors this item had, but I wasn't going to spend 900 gems for them. Yeesh. And today, I'm going to be doing a comment call.

Comment Call:
Will otters be released in the diamond shop, or for 1,000 gems? 

That's it for today Jammers!

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