Rake and Leaf Pile!

Greetings Jammers, welcome to yet another post!

Today, in the land of Jamaa, we have a returning item: welcome back the Rake and Leaf Pile! This item is lovely, and just in time for fall too! I have to say, it is definitely a great addition for a seasonal den. Be sure to buy one of these for 400 gems in Jam Mart Furniture!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Evaluative: Exercising or involving careful appraisals.

This is an interesting word, don't you think? We all need to keep evaluative eyes upon our work!

Our fact of the day:

 Broccoli is the only vegetable that is also a flower.

I always thought the little sprouts upon broccoli looked like little blossoms!

Have a lovely day, Jammers!

You may contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Dear AJ-Offers

Dear AJ-Offers

You are right. I did go overboard, and I admit my mistake. Just all I ask if you please leave us alone, we did nothing to you. All we are is a blog for Animal Jam. We just want to go back to posting without getting cyber-bullied by you. I was rude and I was not thinking earlier, I am sorry for the things that I said.

But please stop writing rude comments when all we are doing is our job, saying what is new, writing factual posts. I, personally, am sorry earlier for writing those things, must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed to get that mad at you.

All we ask is for you to NOT write mean comments and to NOT cuss. This blog is for children, 4-17, but what you say can be hurtful to our workers. Please just  stop.

Thank you very much and have a great day.


Ha, Aj-Offers, we're not stupid.

I even made a 76-frame GIF to prove it. XD.
I am no idiot. Please see Arcticstar8404's post here :)
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

Rare Item Monday!

Greetings Jammers, welcome to yet another Monday post!

Today, in the land of Jamaa, our new item is the Rare Pilgrim Hat! Despite the fact that this is a recoloured item, I like that they gave it a matching colour scheme to last week's rare! Pilgrim hats in general are quite cute, so I am pleased with this item. Be sure to buy one of these for the excellent price of only 450 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post!

The word of the day:

Surreptitious: Secretive, sneaky.

I suppose you can describe the new little Arctic foxes as surreptitious!

The fact of the day:

10% of a persons life is speculated to be spent with their eyes closed because of blinking.

10% of your life is spent blinking? How crazy is that?!

Have a lovely day, see you on Wednesday!

You are welcome to contact me whenever you wish at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !
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