Topcoat and Goodbye Everybody

Greetings Jammers!

Only a few more days until I leave for Japan, thus deeming me unable to post
starting Wednesday, December 3rd until December 17th. I shall miss you all, but I will be back and ready to post on Friday of that week! (did I scare you by saying goodbye everybody in the title?)

*Late again? I am so sorry!*

Today in the land of Jamaa we have a new item, and what is this item I wonder! Aha, here it is- welcome back one of my personal favourite items, the topcoat! I love these coats, though on some animals the buttons get too huge and bulky XD I also love these kinds of coats in real life! If you are like me and like this item, get it today for 450 gems!

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day is (drumroll please):

Demure: Reserved, modest, and shy.

How nice, I know a lot of demure people, and happen to be one myself!

Our fact of the day:

Grapes explode if you microwave them.

One might say this is a very useless fact, but I say otherwise. A little bit of knowledge comes in handy. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you will know exactly what (not) to do if you don't want to make a mess!

Finally, I was planning on making a new segment to my posts- Arcticstar's deep thinking! It is where I pick a topic to talk about (I will take suggestions!) and extrapolate (expand) on those ideas and talk about them! In essence, I would like to add a rant segment to my posts! What do you think?

Good day, and good smarts!

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Happy Thanksgiving & Fruit Bowl

First off, Happy Thanksgiving US Residents! Be safe if you are traveling! What are you Thankful for?

Hey Jammers!
Super sorry for the late post. I will need to get a new alarm clock! 

Well, thinking that Animal Jam would actually do something nice for the Feast of Thanks, I was wrong. 

A Fruit Bowl.....I thought they would release a cool new Thanksgiving item! Not the Fruit Bowl! Animal Jam usually always does this, on special holidays. This really let me down!

On the Daily Explorer, they posted some Jammer Snaps!

Personally, I like all foods, as long as it's not cottage cheese & coleslaw. Really cool! I will someday conquer Animal Jam to get my camera badge....

Moving on, in Brady's Theater, videos get released everyday! Make sure to check daily. 

 Wild... HAMSTERS?! Hmm, I never thought of them being in the wild. I think that would be awesome to have wild hamsters running around in my backyard. Do you have/had any hamsters? 

Well, that's it for my post today folks!
See you in Jamaa! (probably not today, because I will be stuffing my face with food).
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Furry Hats and Twists & Turns

Greetings, and a very happy Wednesday to all!

Today we have a re-introduced item, sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut of all places! I bring you, the furry hat! Personally, I like this item, especially some of the colour changes. It is a bit square, and a bit awkward looking on some of the animals, but on others it looks great- so I really don't mind *^^* If you are like me, and would like to buy one of these, get one for 350 gems!

*Scooter has just informed me that there is also music in the Diamond Shop (sold for 1 diamond) called twists and turns! If you like the corn maze music, be sure to buy it in the diamond shop today!

 And now for the factual part of this post:

The word of the day:

Bucolic: of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.

What a beautiful word! I must say, I love bucolic settings!

Our fact of the day:

Silent reading is only a recent phenomenon. Only the most skilled readers of the Middle Ages could read silently.

Never take silent reading skills for granted my friends!

Good Smarts!

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Ice Garden and Slide Glitch

Hey Jammers! Only 2 days left until Thanksgiving! What's your favorite food to eat? Tell us in the comments!

The new item today may be a bit early, but perfect for the weather lately! The Ice Garden! You can buy this frozen-getaway for 3,500 at Epic Wonders.

Also, the Daily Explorer posted about the Rare Item Monday, which was a Turkey Hat! Click here to see the awesome post by Arcticstar on it!

Very Cool!

Also, Arcticstar sent in an e-mail to me, about a sliding glitch! 

I often have this problem! Maybe our animals don't want to slide, or instead of sitting, then run! If that made no sense at all please ignore. 

Now for a video! It's a bit late, but I made a video about the Polar Bears! I did it with my sister, Foxes9. 

I had fun making it! :)

Well, that's all today Jammers. See you in Jamaa!
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