Rare Seaweed Boa!

Hello Jammers! I hope you are ready for yet another rare item monday! Let's get posting!

As you already know, today is that wonderful time of the week in which AJHQ changes some item, dubs it rare, and sells it for extremely high prices. Yes Jammers, it's rare item monday! So let's see what we have today!

Aha, another underwater rare! I tend not to buy these because I spend most of my time on land. But hey, whatever floats your boat! If you are a fan of cream-ish coloured seaweed neck adornments, this is the perfect item for you- buy it for 900 gems in Bahari Bargains! Hmm, I wonder how many rares have been released... It would be cool to know! I wonder what was the first rare! 

Next! It seems that you enjoy the fact of the day thing, so I will continue them! Alright here we go:

Cows from different places in the world have different "moo" accents.

Haha, I find this one rather amusing! Can you believe that cows have accents just like people do? Wow! The things you learn! If you didn't know this fact until now, congratulations! You just got a little bit smarter! 

Adventure Awaits!

Anything to tell/ask me? Sure! I will be happy to reply to you, and maybe feature it on one of my posts! Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com

Egyptian Sphinxes and Jammer Sundae #4

Hello! Good day! How are you today? Good? That's fine! Please excuse this rhyme!

He he. ignore that... Sorry for how late this post is! I feel bad :( I will make it up to you with a fun Jammer Sundae! But not before we discuss today's new item!

Today in the Land of Jamaa we have a new and wonderful item! Here we go!

How very realistic! It looks just amazing, much like the real thing! Wait. What's that? This isn't the new item? Darn...

Ah yes! Here is the new item!

How very like AJ to "animalize" all their items ^.^ Though not my favourite of the Egyptian Collection, I must say that AJ did a pretty good job on it! Be sure to get one if you like it at Jam Mart Furniture!

Alright my friends, it's time for some Jammer Sundaes!

First up, I bring you, a cute dog!

I love animals, don't you?

Next, a joke gone wrong between a polar bear and a penguin!

Not even understanding a knock knock joke? That's even worse than me XD and I am pretty slow at jokes myself!

Moving on! We also have a nice quote!

How very true that is! I often feel rather lonely when I have no one around me... It's a good thing to keep in mind!

And finally, we have a cute penguin!

D'aww I love penguins! They are just so fluffy and cute, even as adults they are adorable!

Finally, I am planning on adding a new segment to every post- the fact of the day! Excuse me if I forget some days, I have a lot on my mind lately *^^*

A giraffe has seven neck bones- the same amount of neck bones that an adult human has.

Wow, put that into perspective- their necks are so much longer than ours! 

And that's a wrap!

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to share, contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com I love feedback and enjoy seeing what some people send me! 

Epic Egyptian Hat and Animal Jam "App"?

Hi Jammers! Mldriver here.

Today at Epic Wonders we have the Epic Egyptian Hat!

This item is so cool. Isn't weird that when AJ released the Ice Cream Parlor den, we didn't get any new clothing items? I was hoping for something.

The Daily Explorer has posted about password protection...


AJHQ is making some really nice GIFs! I wouldn't mind seeing AJ speedpainting. :)

Have you guys ever heard of the "Secret Animal Jam App"? Well to do this, you need to have an Apple Product.

The first step is to pop up the Animal Jam webpage on your iPhone, iPad or iPod device:

Next go to the top let and tap the arrow going out of the box:

Then tap the, "Add to Home Page" button.

Then tap add.

Now you have your very own Animal Jam App! You can trick your friends, haha.

Comment Call:
What will the update be like next week?

Contact me here: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com

Egyptian Pillow and Happy Thoughts

Hello everyone! Today's post is extra early as I am expected to be at school by 7:20 AM because today we have a field trip outside of the city! Let's get going shall we?

Today I felt extra artsy, and watercolourified today's item picture (only for today)

Nice item! No I did not paint this (I wish I could XD) I used an app called waterlogue. Anywho back to the item! I like pillows, but this is kinda not my style X3 It's definitely great that it's non member though! Be sure to get this item if you like it- it's sold for 350 gems in Jam Mart Furniture!

Today I want all of you to be happy (actually why not every day?) In the comments, I would like you to talk about something that makes you happy- that means 3 or more sentences explaining! Comment away!

Adventure Awaits!

You can contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com if you have anything ranging from codes and glitches to questions and Jammer sundaes! Happy Jamming!
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